• VMrn, The HPIC

#NPM Day 13- The Lamest Show On Earth


Prompt: Carnival of jesters

The folks at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave



the longest running show.


I'd call it a circus except

animals fare far better at juggling bullshit

and there are no animals there.


just one.

And this animal has no training

no talent

no reason for being part of the show.


Some of the same advocates for the disbanding of circuses have yet to put this show out of its misery.

Go figure.

We care about animals

more than


Not that we shouldn't care about animals.

But this one...

for the benefit of other animals

and people

this one

should be put to sleep.

Or at the very least

fired from the show.

Because there are other far better one trick ponies

more suitable for the gig.

But yet here we are.

And there they remain.

Because like a train wreck

we just can't look away.

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